Domain Name and Web Hosting: What’s the Difference Anyway?

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Domain Name

Domain name refers to the address that is typed in the browser’s address bar. A domain name gives a unique identity to your website. In simple terms, a domain name is a common name given to your website. Like your house has a unique identification of street and house number. A domain name gives identity to a website.

A domain name makes it easier to reach a website and get hold of it. If there was no domain, you would have to type individual charters to reach a website. Practically that is impossible. So, a domain name makes things easier for you. A website works with the kind of domain name you give. Also, a domain name is unique and can be registered only once for a website.

Web Hosting

A web hosting is a place where you’ll be able to store your website and all its data. A website hosting is like a house that’ll store things for you. Web hosting companies rent out space to host your website and all the data files.

Web hosting companies take care of the needs of a website include updating, maintenance, and security. A web hosting company handles every task related to the site. A web hosting gives you the right kind of exposure required in the webspace. It helps to increase brand awareness and creates a site image.

The relation between Domain Name & Web Hosting

A domain name is different from web hosting. But, the fact is both the services work in co-relation with each other. The domain name and web hosting work together to form a website. A domain name system is like an address book that is constantly updated with different names. With every new domain name, there is an address of a particular web hosting service, which helps to store the files and database of a website.

If there is no domain name, people won’t be able to locate or find your website. Similarly, without web hosting it is not possible to build a website. Most web-hosting providers provide a feature of domain name registration that users can choose.

As the competition is heating up in domain name registration, most web-hosting providers are also offering free domain name registration with every plan on offer. So customers will get a free domain name with web hosting services for their website.

The confusion in names

Do you know most people believe that domain name and web hosting are the same? It’s because both the services are offered by the web hosting company. The web hosting company individually offers domain registration service and web hosting service both.

Traditional domain name registrars that offered domain registration services only have updated to web hosting. Both works in co-relation, both the services are provided by web hosting providers. Both services are different but work together to make a website a success. A website can’t work if the domain name is not registered by the web hosting company.

Website Hosting and Domain Names – Should you buy from the same company?

This depends on the customer’s choice. Nowadays, there are many web hosting companies that provide free domain registration or name with web hosting. So, if you choose a particular plan from the web hosting company, you’ll get the benefit of free domain registration. When you buy a plan for a website, you’ll be able to choose a domain name for that website.

This not only saves on your time but also the effort of finding another web host for domain registration. You don’t have to manually change the DNS setting of your domain name. It is easy to renew your plan and manage your account from the same dashboard if you buy from the same company.

You can also buy a domain name and web hosting from two different companies if you like. You’ll need to point your domain name to the DNS setting of the company. This would require editing the DNS setting as well.

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